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Fully automated ChatBot with GPS delivery tracking and human agent transfer capabilities

Who we Are

EatZap was born out of an idea from engineers with extensive experience in customer service technologies to transform the way delivery customer service is handled by leading restaurants and fast food stores around the world.


With innovative tools developed from cutting-edge technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), EatZap presents disruptive solutions and products to serve food delivery customers.


Using ChatBots developed by us for your business, we serve your customers in a personalized way while the orders flow quickly and efficiently.


What we do

We understand your issues and we know how to solve them!
No more busy lines

Your customer wants to be served.

If he calls you and hears a busy signal, he will call your competitor.
Always be available to your customer!

Your customer is used to Whatsapp

Your customer no longer wants to download another restaurant App. He wants to be answered quickly and with the tool he uses on a daily basis: Whatsapp.

Fast and efficient delivery

Monitor your deliverers team in real time! Find out if your deliveries are reaching your customers as planned.

Improve your sales

More customers will come to you through the use of a new communication channel for your business.



We have the solution that helps your business grow!

The communication channel that your customer wants to use

Your customer wants to place orders via the WhatsApp. Please your customer.  The satisfied customer always comes back!


Orders are directly sent to you

Each new order created is immediatelly viewable in your production environment.



You can monitor your deliverers team in real time.

Your customers can also monitor their orders being delivered to them (Only the specific route for each specific customer)


You only pay for completed orders

Pending or Abandoned orders are not charged.


Service Packages

One different option for each different business


per order

WhatsApp + GPS Tracking


per order

On demand Projects





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